Q. I live in the Township of Pine, can you tell me what fire company serves my home?
A. The Wexford Volunteer Fire Company is the primary fire department for the Township of Pine.

Q. My home is close to another fire company's station. Will they come if I have a fire?
A. Absolutely. We partipate in a mutual aid program with all of our neighboring communities. Our dispatch procedures have been set up so that we are called with the closest mutual aid company upon the report of a fire or other serious emergency.

Q. Are there paid firefighters in the company?
A. No. All of our members are volunteers.

Q. If all the firefighters are volunteers, who will respond while they are at work?
A. The Township of Pine has graciously allowed Township staff members belong to the fire company and respond to calls.  Some of our volunteers have college schedules or work shifts that allow them to be around during weekday daylight hours. We also get help through the mutual response system described above.

Q. Do firefighters ever stay at the station?
A. Yes. We have a live-in program at stations 1 and 2. Station 1 currently has living accomodations for 8 live-in firefighters and additional rooms for members to bunk-in on a short term basis. Station 2 has living arrangements for up to four firefighters.

Q. What is a live-in program?
A. Click here to learn more about our live in program.

Q. How do firefighters know when there is a call?
A. We are alerted to emergencies through pagers that we carry. All emergencies are received through the Allegheny County 911 system and then dispatched to the appropriate agency. Due to the reliability of pager technology, we no longer use sirens at any of our stations.

Q. Is the fire company accepting applications for membership?
A. Yes. Click here to learn more about membership opportunities with us.

Q. I work in the Township, and I am an active member with another fire company. Can I help out with calls during the week if I am able to leave work?
A. Yes. We will consider granting membership to members of other fire companies who work in our district. Similar to what many departments call 'industrial membership', we can work out a situation where you do not have to attend training and calls after your work hours as long as you are an active member with your home department and participate in some training activities with us each year.

Q. Can I burn in the Township of Pine?
A. Burning for recreational purposes is permitted in Allegheny County and the Township of Pine. The Township does have an recreational fire ordinance that requires a permit to be issued. More information on recreational fire permits can be found by clicking here. Burning for waste disposal purposes, (garbage, yard waste, etc.) is not permitted in Allegheny County.

Q. I have an old fire extinguisher. Can the fire company inspect it to make sure it works or dispose of it?
A. No. We do not provide fire extinguisher maintance service. You can check the in the business listings of the phone book for fire extinguisher service companies. You should contact Vogel Disposal Service, Inc. at (724) 625-1511 for information on how to properly dispose of fire extinguishers.

Q. I just moved or will be moving into the Township of Pine. I need to provide my insurance company with the distance from my house to a fire station and/or fire hydrant. Can you help?
A. You can obtain this information by using google maps or mapquest to find directions to the Wexford Fire Stations, the locations are located on each of the station pages. If this doesn't help, or if you need hydrant information, contact the Township of Pine Fire Marshal's office at (724) 625-1591 for this information.

Q. Do you rent any of your buildings for weddings, showers, etc.?
A. We do not rent any of our buildings.