The Wexford Volunteer Fire Company is always looking to accept willing and able members. We offer volunteer positions as firefighters, support firefighters, and adminstrative members. All training is provided free of charge in house and through local fire academies. If firefighting is not your thing, perhaps you can help coordinate events such as our Halloween Parade and Santa Express.

If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact us through this website, leaving a message at 724-935-1491 or stopping by our main station on a Tuesday evening. Below are some recruitment articles that have appeared in our Township's newsletter in the past.
On The Bubble - This article appeared in 2004 and is written to address those people who have an interest in joining, but are unsure about making the commitment. It features the thoughts of three different members who were relatively new to the company at the time.

Different Ways to Volunteer - Many people thing joining a volunteer fire company requires them to run into a burning building. This article was written to expose other volunteer opportunities that are available with the fire company that do not involve traditional firefighting activities. 's newsletter in the past.